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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Die Gegenwart sucht ihren Mund in der Spiegelung der Suppe
(The present searches for its mouth in the reflection of the soup)

Yves Netzhammer (CH)


The present searches for its mouth in the reflection of the soup, an artistic intervention in the depot of a Museum of Ethnology, 36 projections and 80 objects in wood or textile.

This playful synaptic prelude intensifies in the dark depot of the Museum Rietberg —an exuberant place of foreign artifacts— into an opulent genuine static, which is manifested in the osculation point of nothing less then birth, life, death, religion, and cult. In this, one finds once more Netzhammer’s central theme of assemblage— be it bodily, linguistically, or culturally. The 36 video works that seem effortlessly and yet very precisely integrated, become just as much an integral part of the visible depot as the innumerable geometrical miniature sculptures which are formally a counterpoint to his opulent formal world. Netzhammer turns us into explorers of our contact with the foreign. And makes us conscious of the fact that the innumerable artifacts that are assembled here have been carefully created by hand in another region and another time. He succeeds in all this with dazzling intensity, gentle irony, and immense empathy.


Yves Netzhammer

Yves Netzhammer (CH), born in 1970, studied Visual Design at Zurich College of Art and Design. Since 1997 he has been working on a widely ramified, poetic cosmos of imagery. His video installations, objects, slide shows, and drawings fascinate through their bodily charisma and their formal clarity. Solo exhibitions include LWL, Münster (2016), Kiev Biennale, Kiev (2015), MONA, Tasmania (2013), Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai (2013), and many others. Yves Netzhammer lives and works in Zurich.