Computer Animation/Film/VFX

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


Arash Nassiri (IR)


Tehran-Geles is a fictional vision of Tehran, set within the urban landscape of Los Angeles. Through an aerial journey, we discover an architectural transposition of the two cities. While flying over the Los Angeles boulevards, personal migrant testimonies echo the collective story of the Iranian capital. Downtown, the buildings are saturated with neon signs pulsating with voices that take us on a hallucinatory trip. Parallel to the science fictional genre where the present is projected into the future, this short film projects the past of Tehran into the Western present. The production of this short film generated an audio-visual migration where aerial shots of Los Angeles merge with videos filmed in Tehran and later transported by plane, as well as interviews recorded via Skype in different cities around the world.


Arash Nassiri

Arash Nassiri (IR), born in 1986 in Teheran, lives and works between Teheran, Los Angeles, USA, and Paris. Arash studied at the prestigious art schools ENSBA École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2008), UdK Berlin (2010), Ensad, Paris (Master’s degree, 2012) and Le Fresnoy (Tourcoing, France, 2014). His films include Voyage / Voyage (2009), Tunetracks (2010), Lovelock (2011), Masters (2012), Palais (2013), and his award-winning film Tehran-Geles (2014) ) — the Prix RMIT University Award for Best Experimental Short Film, Melbourne Int. Film Festival, in 2015 and the Grand Prix art vidéo, festival Côté-Court Pantin, Paris, 2014. His current work in progress is the video and installation Nowruz (2016).

Director, scriptwriter: Arash Nassiri
Music: Flavien Berger
Production and distribution: Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains