Computer Animation/Film/VFX

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


Nataša Teofilović (RS)


Animation 7001 was produced exclusively by using a fractal generating computer program, i.e. it is based on mathematical formulas. But the final visual result uncovers another, more personal side, reminding us of a free-form, gestural hand drawing and particles in motion. Working with fractals has a poetry of its own. Every part, even the tiniest part, contains information, an image, of the whole. The smallest contains the biggest and vice versa. A similar approach is also evident in science. Scientists who are dealing with the infinitely big, the Universe, are basing their axioms on the results of the physicist who deals with the infinitely small, particle research. Micro and macro universes are mutually reflected and contained. Just like in poetry, the global and the individual, the common and the personal, are intertwined.


Nataša Teofilović

Nataša Teofilović (RS) is a visual media artist. Her artistic approach evolved from neo-conceptual art in the early 90s to digital art in the new century that merges art, science and technology. She works in diverse media including experimental video, 3D animation performance, digital ambiances, and generative art. Conceptually, these works are connected with topics such as the representation of the senses in media art, identity in the void of virtual space, the perception of virtual beings, and the boundaries between virtual and real spaces.