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Simon Heppner (AT)


I’m submitting my colorful website, which I programmed. The idea behind this is to publish all the games I program myself in the hope that somebody checks out my website and tries out the games.

My Dad set up the address http://simon.heppner.at. He’s also the one who uploads the files for me when I want to change something. To create the HTML files, I usually use the editor from Geany, which I have on my USB stick so I can use any computer to run my Knoppix Linux where I have my programming environment. I tried out HTML for the first time in Wordpress. Then my Dad showed me the Selfhtml Handbuch, and I experimented with a few commands. Later, I asked my programming teacher, Horst Jens, to teach me a little HTML. With the skills I acquired, I went on to set up my own website.

On my website, there’s an Android mascot that I designed myself with the Androidify app. I created the animated GIF because my big brother showed me the app and it looked like a lot of fun. Until now, my website has had only one self-programmed game named Points!Points!Points!, which I programmed with Scratch. But more self-programmed open-source games will soon be appearing on my website. It also features links to my Minecraft blog and my Github account, which I need for my programming projects. I’d like to express my thanks to my programming teacher, Horst Jens, who helped me a lot and who gave me the idea to take part in this competition!


Simon Heppner

I, Simon Heppner, was born in 2006 in Vienna. I have a big brother who’s already 16. Since I can speak not only German but also Burgenland Croatian, I attended Viverica bilingual kindergarten in Vienna. I’m currently in the 4th grade at Keplerplatz Elementary School, a bilingual English-German school. In autumn, I’ll enter the Europe Class (English-German bilingual instruction) at Sacre Coeur high school in Vienna, where my brother is in the 6th grade and my Mom’s a teacher. Up to now, I’ve gotten all As on my report card and on my homework too. I used to play the piano, but now I can take a course in programming. My hobbies are programming in Python, tennis, Minecraft and playing with my pet hamster, Harry. I also go hiking once in a while (when my Dad forces me to go with him).