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Auszeichnung - Award of Distinction


Dimitri Teufl (AT)


I’ve been fascinated by LEGO ever since my earliest childhood, and then when I entered elementary school I started getting interested in LEGO films too. For my first attempts at producing one myself, I used my cell phone. I didn’t start working with a real camera until my Flucht (Fleeing) project, in which I used the stop-motion technique.

My teacher was already familiar with my LEGO musical films and she encouraged me to enter the Ars Electronica’s u19 competition. When it came time to choose a topic, I happened to be reading a really sad book about a family that fled from Tunisia. I found this true story really touching, so one thing just led to another: the theme of my film would be fleeing.

So I got started with a Nikon D200, a tripod, a computer program named Magix and lots of LEGO. I also got a lot of useful knowledge from reading a book entitled Ins Paradies? (Into Paradise?)

I often had to reshoot a scene a couple of times until I was satisfied with it. After many hours of work—about 55 all together—I created the appropriate soundtrack for my 2,592 photos. Each one of them appears on screen for approximately one-tenth of second, since that’s what it takes to produce fluid motion.

I hope that my project can offer a different point of view to people who are hostile towards refugees or are afraid of them.


Dimitri Teufl

Dimitri Teufl (born 2003), is 13 years old, lives in Tyrol and attends Wörgl High School. He is interested in football, making mini-videos and playing games on his computer. Much of his attention is taken up by his little sister, Naima.