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Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc

Jennifer Lyn Morone (US)


Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc (founded in 2014) is an artwork that exists as a corporation, a person, and a protest. As a multidimensional project, its purpose is to expose the lies and mythology of capitalism by working with the concrete structures that make up the system itself, reflecting many aspects of our society, culture, policies, and economy. One such example the project explores is the proliferation of the multi-billion dollar personal data industry, which emerged within just 10 years of the World Wide Web. The value of this market is wholly derived from the participation of peopleconsumers, users, patients, and citizens. This collection and sale of personal information has not just become an additional revenue stream for corporations, but rather their dominant business model, driving technological progression further, atomizing all experience, every process, all that IS into datatransforming the very nature of existence itself into something that can be bought and sold. In response to this, the American-born artist, Jennifer Lyn Morone, became the founder and owner of Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc as a protest against this data exploitation, the lucrative market that perpetuates it, and the unfair benefits that are afforded to the very corporations involved. This attempt to reclaim her Self, her identity, and her life captured as data as her property, consequentially also sets her existence on a path to perpetually seek sources of revenue for its shareholders, as is the primary purpose of the existence of corporations. However, JLM Inc doesn’t look to the world to exploitit depends on the artist alone to mine. As the project slowly unfolds, it reveals an unnatural and vacuous business model-lifestyle devoted to the collection, analyzation, and commercialization of data. By embodying a purpose solely driven by capitalistic methods and mentality, Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc satirically highlights the struggles, legalities, and technical boundaries of our human-designed systems. Jennifer Lyn Morone, Inc is a merging of art and life through legal and commercial appropriation. It calls into question notions of the Self, ownership, and property in relation to corporate personhood, personal data, and immaterial labor in the digital age of corporate capitalism.


Jennifer Lyn Morone

Jennifer Lyn Morone (US), born in 1979, is a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist and designer. She received a BFA from SUNY Purchase and a MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art. Her work has appeared in the Economist, WIRED, WMMNA, the Guardian, BBC World News, and the Observer and has been exhibited at the Reverse Gallery, EMAF, Carroll/Fletcher, HEK, Noorderlicht, ZKM, SMBA, and transmediale among others. She currently lives and works between the USA, UK, and Germany.