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Skateboard Ladegerät

School - Name der Institution
KLEX . Klusemann Extern

Fabian Krautgartner (AT)

KLEX intermediate school has a cooperative arrangement with Frida und Fred, the Children’s Museum in Graz. A while ago, environmental protection was the theme of the exhibitions there, and we had to do a project on this subject. Since my cell phone’s battery was always running low, I thought about how I could recharge it more often. Then I realized that I could actually charge my cell phone on the way to school with my skateboard if it were equipped with a charging unit.

My father helped me install a dynamo on the underside of the board and, at the same time, an O-ring (actually a gasket) to drive the dynamo. Johannes, my counselor at Frida und Fred, helped me with the electronics. The biggest problem was transforming the alternating current from the dynamo into the direct current that we needed. Then all we had to do was adjust the transmission so that, with the average speed of a skateboard, enough voltage could be generated to recharge the battery. That took several hours of tinkering together with Johannes, my counselor at Frida und Fred.


Fabian Krautgartner

Fabian Krautgartner was born in 2002 and grew up in Graz. He attended KPH elementary school and then KLEX intermediate school. His hobbies are trampolining, playing PS4, reading, table tennis and, of course, skateboarding. He would say his biggest interest is in mythology, especially Greek and Egyptian. He is also interested in electronics—for instance, circuits. His current career plan is to be an EDP administrator.