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Auszeichnung - Award of Distinction


Jasmin Selen Heinz (AT), Tanja Josic (AT), Emily Poulter (AT)


Blackout is a short experimental film about humankind’s entanglement in an industrialized world, the attempt to break out of its snares, and the extinguishment of human identity. Via intentional sensory overload and excessive expectations, this film takes viewers on a thrilling, densely packed journey during which all feeling for time gets lost along the way.

In a brutally honest representation of reality, cities are equated with machines, and people are seen as cogs and screws in this mechanism, entities forced to function incessantly and error-free. Industry and society demand perfection from people—their appearance, their behavior, and the way they work. We live in a world constructed by human beings but we’re moving further and further away from humaneness. In this system oriented on uniformity, there’s no longer any place for individuality and creativity. Stress and the conventionalism imperative motivate the protagonist’s breakout. The state of order shifts into disequilibrium. Nevertheless, the prevailing demand for people to conform to the prescribed ideal and to be perfect remains intact. But the human being can’t meet these expectations, and deep black darkness devours the face.


Jasmin Selen Heinz, Tanja Josic, Emily Poulter

Jasmin Selen Heinz (1998), Tanja Josic (1998) und Emily Poulter (1996) were schoolmates at Vienna’s Draschestraße bilingual college preparatory school. They’ve been shooting films for several years now. Blackout, their first collaborative production, garnered them the audience prize and the jury prize at the video&filmtagen 2015 film festival at the Urania Cinema in Vienna. The film was also screened at the Parachute Light Zéro III Edition international short film festival in Paris in April 2016.