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Zeia Gholam (AT)

http://www.youtube.com/gurg90, http://www.facebook.com/gurg90

I shot my first video together with my brothers, Yasin and Joma Gholam, and our friend Patrick Riesenberger. Since then, our crew—dubbed GURG—has been producing short films.

Would you do everything for your siblings? Even give your life for them if you had to?

I, my GURG crew, and our friend Kathrin Schneller shot Guilt in an effort to show that there are people who love their family more than themselves, and the family’s happiness is more important to them than their own. Plus, we wanted to show that if you do illegal work, you can never lead a happy life—there’s constant stress, fear of the police, fights and so forth.

Bottom line: “Forget about it, and earn your money doing legitimate work!”


Zeia Gholam

Zeia Gholam was born in 1997 in Afghanistan, and came to Austria in 2008. He got started shooting short films in 2011. Since 2014, he’s attended High School for Graphic Arts in Vienna. He’s also interested in Taekwondo, film and photography, which is the source of many of his film concepts.