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Fachstelle beteiligung.st

http://www.beteiligung.st/jugend/Site/beteiligung-jugendhomepage/Film-beTEILigt/COPY-PASTE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ztQeyIPpDo

COPY/PASTE is a short film that was developed and shot in only six days. At the very first preproduction session, the 13 young filmmakers agreed on “the individual in the group” as their theme. All the production assignments—jointly writing the script, casting, location scouting, drawing storyboards, developing the visual concept and everything that goes into planning a film shoot—were carried out by the young people themselves. They also handled the jobs on the set: assistant director, cameraman/woman, sound engineer and lighting technician.

The outcome is a short film that takes a thoroughly ironic, self-reflective look at the group’s own behavioral dynamics. What happens when you’re chosen against your will to serve as an example to be emulated? When there’s hardly any room for individuality, and you want to break out of the group? That’s what COPY/PASTE is all about.

“Yeah, sure—I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like my friends, and actually that’s totally great! You know, it’s, like, flattering. But there comes a point …” At that point, Luisa’s had it up to here, and she launches her project: Stop being a role model! Luisa wants to take a path “where simply nobody can follow in my footsteps.” Sounds easy, but it’s anything but!

COPY/PASTE was produced by participants in a film workshop held by beteiligung.st, die fachstelle für kinder-, jugend- und bürgerInnenbeteiligung, an organization in Graz whose mission is to foster community involvement by young people. The project’s artistic supervisor was director Jakob M. Erwa.


Fachstelle beteiligung.st

13 students aged 15-18 years from various schools and teaching facilities in the Austrian Province of Styria took part in this project organized by Fachstelle beteiligung.st: Sandra Gruber (1999); Elisa Bodingbauer (1998); Jana Stolz (1998); Lisa Zelenka (1999); Nadja Tulacs (1998); Ronja Krobatschek (1998); Sophie Schmidt (1998); Andreas Schweighart (1999); Christoph Strohmayer (1999); Maximilian Mandl (1997); Paul Kalcher (1997); Elias Rauchenberger (1997) and Fatih Yalcin (1997).