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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Kim's Life

Safia El Maataoui (AT), Lena Krautinger (AT)


We started working on the film Kim’s Life in June 2015, when the media all began covering the refugee crisis and this became the main subject of conversation among people we associate with. We perceived the general aversion towards refugees among lots of people, and we decided to make this film to counteract the insinuations and negative generalizations. We spoke with refugees, who gave us accounts of how they had fled. In this way, we were able to get first-hand knowledge. And in conjunction with several social welfare projects we participated in—for example, German courses and child care—we became aware of refugees’ strong desire to get integrated in this society. The actress did such a great job putting herself into their position, and we made a concerted effort to bring our personal experiences into the production.

To create the animated film running in the background, we drew images on Post-its, photographed each one individually, and fitted them to the background in post-production.

Without wanting to generalize in any way, we’re attempting to get across the following message in this film: Just because we were forced to leave our homes, we didn’t turn into criminals.


Lena Krautinger, Safia El Maataoui

We, Safia El Maataoui and Lena Krautinger, are both 17 years old. We were born in Vienna and grew up here. We attend BORG 1 High School, where we major in audiovisual media. We’ve always been passionate about working with cameras. Our major primarily entails photography and filmmaking, but we work with lots of other media too, and this has provided us with motivation for several projects we’ve done in our spare time.