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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


Felix De Montis (AT), Johannes Eschner (AT)

https://reflecty.co/, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIM_hf7Bj4ahx2JeRftUmLA, https://www.facebook.com/reflectyco, https://twitter.com/reflectyco

reflecty is a smart mirror that helps control a networked home and looks great doing it. Basically, reflecty consists of two key components: a one-way mirror with an integrated monitor for information display, and a gesture recognition sensor to input commands.

The software, which features a graphical user interface, is linked via various interfaces to household appliances and online services. In this way, residents can, for example, access a weather forecast and switch the lights on and off.

When reflecty isn’t in use, there’s nothing about it that suggests it isn’t a common, everyday mirror. Thus, in contrast to a conventional monitor, the mirror fits seamlessly into the home’s interior décor and isn’t the least bit obtrusive.

In addition to the hardware that we’ve endeavored to integrate into the residential ambience, we’ve made every effort to design the software to be as modular as possible. All the applications that run on reflecty are composed of very simple modules, so that anybody with even basic Web design skills can conveniently develop their own programs to connect new devices to reflecty.

Finally, reflecty is meant to serve as the brain of a networked household, a computer that can be operated intuitively, a central processing unit for all information important to the home.


Felix De Montis, Johannes Eschner

Felix De Montis and Johannes Eschner were both born in 1997 and have been working on projects in the field of computer science ever since they were schoolboys. Felix programs various (Web) projects; Johannes specializes in (3-D) design and visualization. Together, they enjoy tinkering on their inventions’ hardware.