u19 - Create Your World

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

the best is yet to come

Alina Groer (AT), Daniela Kubesch (AT), Leo Mühlfeld (AT)

How do you imagine the future? This question occupies the focal point of our project. We went out and asked grown-ups and young people about their conceptions of, dreams about and wishes for the future. Our primary aim in going about this wasn’t to find out people’s realistic expectations of the future but rather to learn how they desired the future to turn out.

What will change? Will we become increasingly progressive or will we take a step backwards and give more consideration to nature? The question on which we concentrated was: How would people in the various age groups design their own world if they had the opportunity to create everything they wanted? How could people get around? What new inventions would there be? What would houses look like? Those are a few of the many questions we posed. Furthermore, we were interested in how people see themselves. What would be their occupation of choice? Or what are some of the other things they’d like to accomplish in life? We evaluated all these ideas and conceptions and depicted them graphically.

Narratives of future inventions, pets, clothing styles, etc. were expressed in the form of vector graphics and then assembled into animated sequences. The result is a combination of filmed interviews and cartoons that link up the ideas and wishes of lots of people in different age groups. We’ve attempted to portray a shared future world that interweaves everyone’s wishes for a better future for all of us together.


Alina Groer

Alina Groer, born in 1998, is currently in her junior year in the Multimedia program at the High School for Graphic Arts in Vienna. In numerous projects, she cultivates her interests in the fields of graphic arts, animation, photography, and film.

Leo Mühlfeld

Leo Mühlfeld was born in 1998 in Lustenau, and grew up in Vienna, where he currently attends the High School for Graphic Arts, a technical educational institution for media & communications design.

Daniela Kubesch

Daniela Kubesch, born in 1998, is currently enrolled in the Multimedia program at the High School for Graphic Arts in Vienna. She’s pursued her many interests in a wide array of projects ranging from graphic design and programming to film and animation.