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Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt

Ulrich Formann (AT), Kilian Hanappi (AT), Simon Wesp (AT)

The project entitled kameleon.ws is a website that markets one-of-a-kind T-shirts, each bearing a unique imprint. The motif is entirely generated by a computer program and is the outcome of data representing current events. Immediately after a shirt is sold, a new design is produced and the previous one is no longer available. The unique selling proposition here is the application of leading-edge generative design, whereby each individual garment is a distinctive original and each motif tells a story all its own.

What makes this project innovative is its novel approach to the design, production and marketing of merchandise. Since the price of a conventional T-shirt consists, for the most part, of design, production, advertising and distribution costs, the only way for a company to remain competitive nowadays is to engage in mass production and then to sell its wares at ridiculous, knockdown prices. Nevertheless, the products of this old-fashioned, value-added chain appeal only to the taste of the great mass of consumers. Plus, much of the inventory ends up getting remaindered when its season is over. Our project is meant to demonstrate a more efficient, more cost-effective and, above all, more economic mode of production.

kameleon.ws (Launch June2016)


Ulrich Formann, Kilian Hanappi, Simon Wesp

Ulrich Formann (born in 1996), Kilian Hanappi (born in 1996) and Simon Wesp (born in 1997) are currently enrolled in the Multimedia program at the High School for Graphic Arts in Vienna. In addition to their shared interest in generative design, this crew was motivated primarily by the economic and media-critical aspects of this project.