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Elektrofahrzeug "Scorpion"

School - Name der Institution
HTBLuVA Salzburg

Robin Krah (AT), Niko Kremsmair (AT), Markus Meister (AT), Josef Niederbrucker (AT), Christian Pausch (AT)

http://www.htl-sbg-racing-team.at/joomla, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhLpTZaY5svlbEdNrNMUDg, https://www.facebook.com/fichtenelch.scorpion/

The Scorpion is an energy-efficient electric vehicle that took part in the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon in London, an annual competition among teams from a wide array of countries. The mission: use as little energy as possible. The Scorpion competed in the Battery Electric energy class and the Urban Concept vehicle class. Most of the competitors in the Shell Eco-Marathon are university teams, which is why we’re especially proud to have been able to represent a secondary school.

Our participation was made possible above all by sponsors who supported us financially as well as in the form of material and know-how. So far costs of more than tens of thousands of Euro have been incurred. Students in several graduating classes working in various departments have contributed to this project; each year, it’s been passed along to a new crew that has, in turn, made the Scorpion its diploma project. Thus, lots of fresh, innovative ideas have been the driving forces behind ongoing enhancement and upgrading. One of our objectives was to turn in a successful trial heat at the Shell Eco-Marathon. We’re also very much interested in motivating others to develop energy-efficient vehicles and to keep on advancing this trend.


Niko Kremsmair, Christian Pausch, Robin Krah, Josef Niederbrucker, Markus Meister

All five of us—Niko Kremsmair, Christian Pausch, Robin Krah, Josef Niederbrucker, and Markus Meister—were born in 1997 and are taking mechanical engineering at HTBLuVA Technical School in Salzburg. In our fourth year, we already had the honor of working on this incredible project. Now, at the conclusion of our secondary school career, the Scorpion is our diploma project.